fil [糸]

blanc [白]


何色にも染まる柔軟さ、素材の持つ質感を照らし出す厳しさ、上質な素材の白は、オーセンティックであるからこそのゆとりを持っています。  素材の良さを映し出す白に私たちは思いを託し、上質な服作りを目指します。


The flexibility to dye in any color, the severity to illuminate the texture of the material, and the white material of a fine material have clear space as it is authentic. We commit our thoughts to white which reflects the goodness of the material and aim to make fine clothes.





Fine clothes made time and effort in each process, not wearing down. Simple clothes are those expressing their likeness while conscious of trends. Blend into life, the clothes I shine. Clothes in a part of the rich life.

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